Find My Device

Locate a lost phone, lock it or even erase it remotely.

If you’ve lost your Firefox OS smartphone, Find My Device can help you find it. You can see it on a map, make it play a sound and have it display a message. You can also lock it for safety or delete your personal info completely.

To get started, make sure you have a Firefox Account and Find My Device enabled on your phone.


As long as your phone remains on and connected to the Internet, you can see its location on the map.


If you see that it’s nearby on the map, you can make the phone ring, even if the ringer is set to silent.


To protect your personal info, you can lock your screen and have it display a message to help someone return it to you.


If you’re unable to find your phone, you can permanently erase it, but please note that this can not be undone.